What is IGGI?

IGGI makes it easy to stay on top of your loved one's social media. No more indiscretions "getting in your own way".

Developmental Control

IGGI allows parents to take back control of their children's public-facing appearance while still allowing the child freedom of self-expression

Parental Support

Children can grow their personal brands and business from someone who's been there before.


Unified Design

Parents don't have to re-learn the latest "Snapagram whatchamacallit" for every social media platform update

Real-time Responses

Get alerted and respond to your menteees social media posts in real-time and catch them whenever they slip.


The Complete Toolkit For Social Media Management

At the end of the day, the goals are simple. Safety and security for your most treasured possession; your kids. IGGI.

Rest Assured

Youthful mistakes will no longer destroy a future career or block an impending opportunity: IGGI.